Assignment – 5 Sexual Violence in Horror Films

This film I choose to analyze was the unrated version of Hostel.  This movie had a lot of violence and also a lot of sex, nudity, and innuendos.  Despite this, very little of the violence is sexual violence, almost all of it is committed by male characters against other male characters.


Sexual Violence – 6 counts including the hanging corpse of a dead naked girl, a homosexual man groping another man while he tortures him, and an old European man getting a sexual charge from performing acts of torture


Consensual Sex – 15+ counts make of these include encounters with prostitutes, drug induced sex, women seducing men, men photographing sexual activity, and rooms filled with separate couples engaging in sexual activities.  While all of the sex and nudity is quite explicit, barely any of it has any violent intent.  Nobody is forced into sex although the men are often seduced by beautiful women, they never engage in sex against their will as they are quite easily persuaded.


Sexual Innuendos and Sexual Talk – 9 + counts including objectification of women, implying that homosexuality is a choice, silhouettes of couples engaging in sex, and female moans of pleasure in a brothel hallway.


Obscene gestures or comments – 6 including multiple homophobic remarks, directing foul language at others, and one scene where a man shows another man his testicles and then his buttocks with a face drawn on it with markers.



The premise of the movie is two Americans and theirIcelandic friend travel across Europe in their quest to meet and have sex with beautiful European women.  On their journey, they partake in drugs, party in clubs, and have experience with prostitutes. They eventually travel to Slovakia where they are drugged, kidnapped and brought to an old factory where they are tortured by patrons.  These patrons travel from around the world and pay for the opportunity to torture and kill travelers (Americans are worth the most but it is later confessed that a Japanese girl sold for twice the regular price of an American.)  In the end, one American escapes after being tortured in the factory.


While all the of the sex in this movie was consensual, all sex was unprotected.  No contraception was used nor was there any reference to contraception.  There was no references to any of the women using birth control and it was assumed that unprotected sex had no such consequences.  Promiscuity was definitely glorified as the women eagerly threw themselves at the American men.  The movie suggests that European culture generally accepts sexual promiscuity and in fact encourages it.  There was also many homosexual elements in the film.  They met a homosexual German man (who later we found to be a patron of the warehouse) who tries to make advances on one of the Americans and is met with a great deal of hostility, showing homophobic tendencies of the characters.


This film was released in the theaters with an ‘R’ rating but went to DVD as two separate versions: The original theatrical version and the Unrated version which brags “Sicker and more twisted.”  This movie is not for children, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 17 due to the graphic and borderline-pornographic nature of the film.  Despite the nature of the film, I cannot imagine it would cause anyone to partake in acts of violence and torture.  The acts portrayed in the film are acts which would only be only be performed by deranged or psychopathic individuals.  Villains in the movie are not portrayed as inhuman monsters like in many slasher films but as regular people who are overtaken by sick fantasies, suppressed rage, or violent fetishes.


The reason people watch and enjoy films like Hostel is a perfect example of Catharsis theory.  Through our suppressed anger and frustration towards the real world, as well as our human core of aggression, brutal movies are the perfect outlet of our aggression.  That being said, these movies should not be taken seriously, anyone who goes out and does these things were not motivated by a film, but more likely already had intentions of hurting people for purposes of either sexual or emotional satisfaction.  Only a true sadist would even consider replicating any of the violent actions committed in this film, a perversion which couldn’t be caused by a film.



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